The Coco Point Fund is a New York non-profit organization ans is supported on an ongoing basis by guests of Coco Point Lodge. The purpose of the Fund is "to aid the educational, medical, health, religious, and general welfare needs of the inhabitants and institutions of the islands of Barbuda and Antigua."

Since its inception, The Coco Point Fund accomplishes this goal by providing the necessary tools and materials. The Barbudan people provide the labour and the spirit that puts these tools and materials to work. Most of the efforts over the years have been directed toward improving the island's education and health care resources.

Over US$500,000 has been donated to facilities in Barbuda including dental equipment, eyeglasses, and playgrounds, and to the Holy Trinity School. The Fund was the driving force for the establishment of the Pre-School and has ever since been a generous contributor to its support, paying the salary of one teacher and for the purchase of many of its supplies, teaching aids, and toys.

The Coco Point Fund qualifies as an exempt organisation under section 501 (C) (3) of the Inland Revenue Code of 1954.

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