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Danny Yu

Industry Verticals


  • Certified Project Management Professional
  • Seasoned technology professional with extensive expertise in the areas of business / systems analysis, design, development and implementation
  • Over 15 years of experience in IT project management and consulting.
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Industry Verticals:

  • Banking
  • Financials
  • Telecommunications
  • Food and Beverage
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Music Copyright
  • Semiconductor
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Non-Profit organizations
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Certification / Education:

  • Masters in Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering

  • Certification, PMP
  • Certification, Internet Webmaster Professional
  • Certification, Java Programmer
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  • President, Cystems Inc. (Canada)
  • President / Project Manager, Cystems Inc. (Philippines)
  • Development Manager, Philip Semi-conductors Philippines
  • Project Leader, Shell Petroleum Philippines
  • Professor, De La Salle University Inc. (Philippines)
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  • Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)
  • Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)
  • AT&T Canada
  • CIBC Mellon Trust Canada
  • Minshall Stewart Properties
  • Dick n' Jane
  • Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines
  • Coca-Cola Bottlers Thailand
  • Philip Semiconductors Philippines
  • Shell Petroleum Philippines
  • Glaxo Pharmaceuticals
  • Pacific Paradise
  • Manila Club
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  • Internet Project: Designed the corporate website using Fireworks and Dreamweaver. Created the site's graphics and content.
  • Requirements Analysis to Software Development: Created business scenarios from interviews with used car dealership and freight forwarding domain experts. Created the functional specifications, technical design and developed the system using VB and SQL Server.
  • Requirements Analysis to Implementation: Technical project manager and business analyst for 3 mission-critical projects of SOCAN. Responsibilities include facilitating JAD sessions, making presentations to user management to gain approval and proceed to the design phase, making presentations to IT management to proceed to development phase. Coordinated integration testing, user acceptance testing, user and IT operations training, volume testing.
  • Systems Analysis to Software Development: Member of maintenance /development teams of SOCAN, AT&T and HOOPP. Tools used: ADABAS, Natural, Predict, Construct, Unix, shell programming.
  • Systems Analysis to Implementation: Technical team lead and systems analyst for the following projects: the US government's requirement to withhold taxes from US residents and non-residents; the financial industry's initiative to settle trades in 1 day and to automate the transfer of shares from one issue to another and to split issues. Responsible for project definition, creating and updating project plans and successful implementation of the project.
  • Systems Analysis: Systems analyst for the following projects: the financial industry's initiative to settle trades in 1 day and to automate the transfer of shares from one issue to another and to split issues.
  • System Integration: Integrated the Primary Interchange Carrier/Customer Account Record Exchange (PIC/CARE) systems of newly-acquired companies to AT&T's.
  • Unix Conversion: Member of conversion team of SOCAN mobilized to move ADABAS / Natural applications from the Alpha machine to UNIX.
  • Test Yield, Reject Rates: Project manager, requirements analyst, technical designer to the interface between Philip Semiconductor's product testing and quality control machines and the software that generates QA statistics
  • Oil Stock Management: Project manager, business analyst, technical designer, QA tester of Shell's inventory application for their oil depots. Trained customers on the use of the software.
  • Games: Designed the promotional computer game used by Glaxo to promote one of their products during one of the drug industry's trade fair.
  • Loans and Credit System, Funds Management, Cash Flow, Capital Expenditures: Project manager, business analyst and technical designer on the applications running on the corporate LAN.
  • Order Entry, Route Settlement, Sales Accounting, Finished Goods Inventory: Project Manager, business analyst and systems analyst to satellite systems built around Coca-Cola's BASIS system. Trained the customer on how to use the interfaces.
  • General Ledger System
  • Accounts Receivable System
  • Advertising & Promotions System
  • Club Membership
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Project Management Experience

  • Create and maintain project plans
  • Prevent/minimize scope creep
  • Log, track and manage issues
  • Define escalation procedures
  • Allocate resources, report project status and staff performance
  • Hold checkpoint meetings
  • Create and maintain implementation plans
  • Manage software release.

Software Development Life Cycle Experience:

  • Project Initiation: Established need, scope and organizational structure
  • Feasibility Study: Cost/benefit analysis, technical and operational feasibility, conformance to IT/corporate objectives
  • Requirements Gathering/Analysis: Joint Application Design/Development (JAD) sessions, one-on-one interviews, data analysis, Entity Relationship Modeling, Data Flow Diagram, Activity Diagram, Requirements Document, presenting requirements/constraints to IT and user management
  • Functional Specifications: Entity Relationship Modeling, Data Flow Diagrams, data analysis, prototyping, controls, procedures, forms design, reports design, cross-functional interdependencies
  • Technical Design: screen design, database design, program specifications, package evaluation
  • Software Development: VB6, Java, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, HTML, Unix, Solaris, ADABAS, Natural, Construct, EntireX, Predict, MQ Series, SQL Server, MS Access, dBase, Clipper, PL/I, COBOL, RPG, PASCAL, FORTRAN, CICS, JCL, DCL
  • Testing: Test plans, integration testing, regression testing, coordinating and scheduling user acceptance testing
  • Training: Coordinated the training of warehouse, finance, payroll, operations, customer support and IT staff
  • Documentation: User procedures, user requirements, workflows, user manuals, technical manuals.
  • Deployment: Implementation plans, backup/recovery plans, release management

Business Skills

  • Developing long-term and short term IT strategic plan to support business operations
  • Understanding customers' needs, writing user requirements document, proposals, user procedures
  • In-depth understanding of customer's business processes, procedures and existing system.
  • Writing business requirements document and presenting to user and IT management for approval and sign-off
  • Use case development, business modeling
  • Conducting/coordinating user and IT training
  • Comfortable working with user and IT management.

Technical Skills:

  • VB6
  • Web Tools: Java, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, HTML, UML
  • OS: Unix, Solaris, SQL Server, OS/400, VM/CMS, MVS, VSE/SP, DOS/VSE,
  • Development Language - SQL, VB6, Natural, EntireX, Construct, Predict, PL/I, Cobol, RPG, Pascal, Fortran, CICS, JCL, DCL
  • Database: Adabas, SQL Server, Access
  • MQ Series
  • Corel Suite
  • Lotus Smartsuite
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